An Org Admin or the Project Creator can select Business Units within the Project Categorization Dashboard and assign Tags within one or more Categories to the Project by performing the steps within this article. At least one Category and Tag must be assigned to a Project for it to be discovered by users. 

In This Article

When can Categories and Tags be assigned to Projects? 

  • After a Project has been created within the GenRocket web platform.

What users can assign Categories and Tags?

  • Org Admins
  • Project Creator

How to assign Categories and Tags to a Project

One or more Categories and Tags can be assigned to a Project. Categories and Tags assigned to a Project can belong to different Business Units. 

  • Click on the Project Category Management icon to the right of the Project Name.

  • Select a Business Unit.

  • Use the checkboxes to select Tags within Categories.

  • Each selected Category and Tag will appear below the Business Units.

  • (Optional) Select another Business Unit to assign its Categories and Tags to the selected Project. 

  • Use the checkboxes to select Categories and Tags. 

  • Click the Save button. 

  • After saving, the user will be returned to the Project Dashboard.