Org Admins can use the Project Categorization Dashboard to add and manage Business Units, Categories, and Tags for an Organization.

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How to Access this Dashboard

  • Expand the Management Menu in the Menu Bar and select Project Categorization.

Project Categorization Dashboard Panes

The Project Categorization Dashboard contains two panes: 

  • Business Unit Pane - View, add, and manage Business Units.

  • Categories Pane - View, add, and manage Categories and their Tags for a selected Business Unit.

Dashboard Icons, Buttons, and Options

The following icons, buttons, and options are available within the Project Categorization Dashboard.

Filter Business Units or Categories within the dashboard.
Add a new Business Unit to the Organization.
Add a new Category and Tags to a selected Business Unit.
Edit the Business Unit name.
Lock a Business Unit. When locked, it cannot be deleted. 
Unlock a Business Unit.
Remove a Business Unit from the Organization.
View more information about an item in the dashboard.