An Org Admin or the Project Creator can remove one or more Categories and Tags from Projects by performing the steps within this article. 

How to Remove Assigned Categories and Tags from Projects

For this example, the following has been assigned to a Project titled "NewAccounts." 

  • Business Unit - Data and Analytics
  • Category - Payment Management
  • Tag - Leads

Step 1 - Select a Tag and Search to Discover Projects

When a search is performed for the Leads Tag, the "NewAccounts" Project will be discovered and shown underneath "Matching Projects."

Step 2 - Remove the Assigned Category/Tag

An Org Admin or the Project Creator will need to complete the following steps to unassign Tags with Categories for a Project. If all tags are removed, the Category will not longer be associated with the Project.

  • Click on the Project Category Management icon to the right of the Project Name.

  • Select a Business Unit.

  • Use the checkboxes to unassign Tags within Categories.

  • In this example, the Leads Tag has been removed. 

  • Click Save once finished.

  • After saving, the user will be returned to the Project Dashboard.

  • If a user selects this Tag and performs a search, the "NewAccounts" Project will not be discovered.