An Org Admin can make changes to Business Units at any time. These changes include the following: 

  1. Changing the name of a Business Unit
  2. Locking and unlocking Business Units
  3. Removing Business Units from an Organization

IMPORTANT: When a Business Unit is removed from an organization, and Categories/Tags have been assigned to one or more Projects, they will be removed, and those Projects will no longer be categorized.

Note: Click here to learn more about adding and managing Categories/Tags.

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How to View and Manage Business Units

  • Expand the Management Menu in the Menu Bar and select Project Categorization.

How to Change a Business Unit's Name

  • Click on the Edit (Pencil) icon to the right of the name.

  • Modify the name and click Save.

Locking and Unlocking Business Units

IMPORTANT: Locking a Business Unit only prevents it from being deleted. Permitted users will still be able to make changes to the Business Unit (e.g., Name, Categories, Tags). However, the Delete (Trash Can) icon will no longer be present when it is locked.

When an open lock is shown, the Business Unit is not locked. it can be deleted by permitted users at any time.

A closed lock indicates that the Business Unit is locked. The Delete (Trash Can) will not be present as an option.

How to Remove a Business Unit

WARNING: Be careful when removing a Business Unit from your Organization. If Categories/Tags within that Business Unit have been assigned to Projects, they will be removed, and those Projects will no longer be categorized.

  • Click on the Delete (Trash Can) icon to the right of the Business Unit name.

  • Click Yes in the confirmation prompt.

  • The Business Unit will no longer appear within the dashboard. 

  • All Categories and Tags will be removed and no longer assigned to Projects within the Organization.