Domains, Attributes, Generators, and Receivers are the building blocks for a Scenario. Once these four components are in place, a GenRocket Scenario can be created.

A Scenario allows you to define instructions for generating test data. These instructions are defined by doing the following:

  • Selecting one or more Domains to generate data.
  • Specifying how much data each Domain will generate.
  • Determining the sequence in which the Domains will generate their data.
  • Downloading the Scenario to a computer.
  • Executing the Scenario using the GenRocket Runtime Engine.

One Scenario can generate data for only one Domain, which is referred to as the Primary Domain. All other Domains within a Scenario define parent/sibling relationships within the data.  


Here you can see a Scenario with two Domains: 

  • User Domain - Primary Domain 
  • Address Domain - Sibling Domain

Running the Scenario with the configuration below will generate 50 user records with column data for each User Domain Attribute as an Excel File:

Note: To learn more about Scenarios, please see this section of the documentation: Scenarios.

Video Training

For a quick video tutorial, please take a second to watch the video provided below: