Test Data Projects contain the data model for each application or database you want to generate test data for within the application.

A Project will need to be created within the application before a data model can be imported or created. Data in one project can be related to data in another project through Organization Variables so that there is consistency of data across all of your Projects.

Projects contain no customer data. Projects contain aspects of your data model as reflected in the GenRocket 5 key components: the Domains, Attributes, Generators, Receivers, and Scenarios that generate data for your testing use cases. 

Project setup: GenRocket offers numerous ways to set up your data model inside GenRocket, including XTS (Extract Table Schema), DDL, CSV, Scratch Pad, and Project Presets. 

When should Test Data Projects be used?

  • Any time you want to generate test data for an application or database in GenRocket. A project represents one data model. 

  • For example, if you want to generate test data for a Customer Database, this would be a single test data project. 

How do I use Test Data Projects? 

  1. Log in and access the Project Dashboard
  2. Create a new Project
  3. Import or create your Data Model
  4. Establish Referential Integrity through Parent-Child-Sibling Relationships

Note: To learn how to create a new Project, please see this article: How to create a Test Data Project.

Projects Pane

Projects are created and managed from the Projects Pane within the Project Dashboard. 

Note: To learn more about the Projects Pane, please see Projects Pane.

Project Versions

A given Project can have one or many Project Versions. New Projects will have a default Project Version when they are created. Users can view Project Version within the Project Versions Pane in the Project Dashboard

Additional Project Versions can be created and used to manage different testing configurations for a Project. To learn more about managing Project Versions, please see this knowledge base section: Managing Project Versions.

Note:  To learn more about the Project Versions Pane, please see: Project Versions Pane.

Learn More About Projects

To learn more about Projects, please see the following topics: 



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