An Organization Admin (Org Admin) can add new users through the GenRocket Web Platform by following the instructions below. This is part of the "Manage" phase.

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When Should a New User be Added?

  • New users should be added when an individual within your organization needs an account for GenRocket.
  • Do not add a new user if they have an account that is currently disabled. Click here to learn how to enable a user.

Will the User be Notified? 

  • Yes, two emails will be sent to the email address entered for the user. 
  • The user will receive a welcome email from with helpful information to get started.
  • The user will also receive an email that contains their account login information (Username and Password) and a link to the GenRocket web platform. 

How to Add a New User

  • Expand the Organization Menu in the Menu Bar (contains the org name and user's first name).

  • Select the My Organization menu option.

  • Click the New User button within the Manage Users Pane.

  • Enter a valid email address, first name, last name, and Mobile (Optional) for the user. 

  • Enter a password for the user. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and contain:
    • At least 1 Number (e.g., 1, 2, 3)
    • At least 1 Capital Letter (e.g., A, B, C)
    • At least 1 Special Character (e.g., #, @, %)

  • New Users will be assigned the General User Role by default. Users assigned this role can only view and change information for their account.

  • The checkboxes can be used to select additional roles for a user (e.g., Team Manager). Click here to see a description of the most common available user roles. 

    Note: Roles displayed here will depend on what has been enabled in the GenRocket web platform for the organization.

  • Click the Save button to finish adding the new user.