Users assigned the Organization Admin Role are able to edit user information within the GenRocket web platform.

When editing a user, it is possible to update the following information:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Administrative Privileges

You can also change the user's password and enable or disable their account as needed.

How to Edit Users in GenRocket

  • Expand the Organization Menu in the top right of the GenRocket web platform. This menu contains your Organization Name and First Name.

  • Select the My Organization menu option.

  • Click the Edit icon to the right of the user's name to edit their information.

  • You can update the user's email, first name, or last name by clicking on each field and entering a new value.

  • To grant or remove administrator privileges, check or uncheck Web Service Administrator or Organization Administrator.¬†

  • You can also¬†disable the user's account, by checking the Disabled checkbox.
  • To enable the account again, uncheck this option for the user.

  • Click the Change Password button to change the user's login password.

  • Click the Save button once you have finished making changes to the user's information.

Training Video

The following video can be used to learn more about managing user information: