Generator Copy 

You can use the Generator copy button to copy Generator(s) and their specified parameters to other Attributes in the same projects at the Template or Scenario level. Generator copy works for both single Generators and Linked Generators. 

Generator Copy Animation
How to Copy Generators

1. Navigate to the Attribute whose Generator you want to copy

2. Click the "Copy Generators" Button below Linked Generators

Note -- You still use this  button if you are copying a single Generator instead of Linked Generators. 

3. Select the Attributes you want to copy the Generator to in the Copy Generator Dialog

  • Click the Domains on the left to display their Attributes
  • Click the + icon next to an Attribute to add it to the copy Bucket. You can copy to as many Attributes as you would like.

4. After you add the Attributes you would like to copy to, click the Save button

Note - you can remove Attributes from the Bucket list by clicking the - icon. 

4. Confirm you want to override the current assigned Generators to the select Attributes

Once you copy a Generator to an Attribute it will delete the original Generator. If you do not want to delete your previously assigned Generator click no. 

6. Your Generators have now been copied to the Attributes you selected