A Generator and its Parameter configuration can be copied to another Attribute within the same Project (or Project Version when applicable) at the Template or Scenario level. The Copy Generator feature works for both single Generators and Linked Generators. 

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What is the Copy Generator Feature? 

  • The Copy Generator feature copies an Attribute's Generator and Parameter configuration to one or more Attributes within the same Project Version of a given Project. 

  • A configuration can be copied to Attributes within the same Domain or another Domain as long as they are in the same Project Version.

When Should the Copy Generator Feature Be Used? 

  • This feature should be used when users need the same Generator and Parameter configuration for multiple Attributes within a Project Version.

How does it work? 

A Generator and its Parameter configuration can be copied using one of two methods: Simple or Pattern.

  • Simple - This option can be used to copy Generator(s) and their parameters to one or more selected Attributes within a Project (or version when applicable). This option will be discussed further in this help article.

  • Pattern - This option can be used to copy one or more Generators from an Attribute to any Attribute within a Project Version that follows a pattern. To learn more, please see: How to Copy Generator(s) to Attributes: Pattern Copy.


How to use Single Copy for Single or Linked Generators

For this example, a User Domain has two address Attributes: addressLine1 and addressLine2. The AddressGen Generator has already been assigned and configured for the addressLine1 Attribute and will need to be copied to the addressLine2 Attribute

Complete the steps below to copy the Generator and its Parameter configuration:

  • Navigate to the Attribute whose Generator(s) need to be copied. 
  • The addressLine1 Attribute will be selected within the Domain Dashboard for this example

  • Click the Copy Generators button located below the Linked Generators section. 

    Note: You still use this button if you are copying a single Generator instead of Linked Generators.

  • Select the Simple Copy option and then click Next to continue.

  • Next, select the Attributes the Generator(s) to be copied to within the Copy Generator dialog.

  • In the dialog, click on a Domain on the left to display the Domain's Attributes. For this example, an Attribute within the User Domain will be selected. 

  • Tick the checkbox next to the Attributes(s) the Generator should be copied to, then click the Add to Bucket button. Up to 20 Attributes can be added to the bucket.

  • In this example, the addressLine2 Attribute will be added to the bucket.

  • Click the Next button after all desired Attributes have been added to the bucket.

    Note: The Minus (-) icon can be used to remove an Attribute from the copy Bucket.

  • Click Yes to confirm that you want to override the assigned Generators for the selected Attributes.

    Note: Once you copy a Generator to an Attribute, it will delete the original Generator. If you do not want to delete your previously assigned Generator, click No.

  • Your Generators have now been copied to the selected Attributes. Parameter configuration changes can be made within the Global Edit dialog window. Click the Close button once finished.

  • For this example, the addressLine1 and addressLine2 Attributes have the same configuration within the User Domain.