An Organization Admin can disable and enable users within their organization as needed. When a user is disabled, they will receive the following message when attempting to log in and will not be able to log into the GenRocket web platform.


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Two Ways Users Can Be Disabled or Enabled

  • Individual User - Edit the user from within the My Organization page. 
  • Multiple Users - Use the "Enable/Disable Organization Users" option on the My Organization page. 

How to Disable / Enable Individual Users in GenRocket

  • Expand the Organization Menu in the Menu Bar (contains the organization name and user's first name).

  • Select the My Organization menu option.

  • The Enabled column within the Manage Users Pane will show what users are currently enabled and disabled.

  • Click the Edit (Pencil) icon to the right of the user's name.

  • The Disabled option determines when a user is disabled or enabled. 
  • When checked, the user is disabled. If this option is unchecked, the user is currently enabled. 
  • Click the Save button to save the change.

How to Enable / Disable Multiple Users at Once

This method can be used to disable or enable more than one user at a time. When a user is checked, they will be enabled, and when unchecked, they will be disabled. 

  • Click the Enable/Disable Organization Users button on the My Organization page. 

  • Use the checkboxes to enable or disable users.
    • Checkmark - The user is either already enabled or will be enabled upon saving.
    • No Checkmark - The user is either already disabled or will be disabled upon saving.

  • Click Save once finished.
  • In the below example, two users will be disabled.

  • 'No' is displayed in the Enabled column for each user.