Users can be managed through the My Organization Dashboard by Organization Admins. An Organization Admin can manage users in the following ways: 

  1. Add New Users
  2. Enable or Disable Users
  3. Assign or Remove Roles for Users
  4. Edit User Information (Email, First Name, Last Name)
  5. Change a User's Password
  6. Assign, Un-Assign, and Re-Assign Licenses
  7. Set the Password Expiry Duration for all Users

How to Access and Manage Users

  • Expand the Organization Menu within the Menu Bar.

  • Select My Organization.

Organization Pane

The Organization Pane contains information about your organization. It can be used to: 

  • Change the Organization Name
  • Access the Team Management Module
  • View Reports

Manage Users Pane

The Manage Users Pane can be used to manage each User’s Account and Named Servers within your organization. It contains two tabs: Users and Servers

Within the Users Tab, you can perform the following actions: 

  • Add New Users
  • Edit User Information
  • Assign or Remove Roles for Users
  • Change a User’s Password
  • Enable or Disable Users


Manage Licenses Pane

The Licenses Pane shows each available user and server license for your organization. It contains two tabs: Users and Servers.


Within the Users Tab, you can see what licenses have been assigned to users. Here, you can assign, un-assign, or re-assign licenses for users within your organization.


Password Expiry Duration Pane

The Password Expiry Duration Pane can be used to set the duration of time until users" passwords expire. This setting is for all users within your organization.



The Password Expiry Duration can be set to: 

  • 30 Days
  • 60 Days
  • 90 Days
  • 180 Days
  • One Year
  • Never Expires


Additional Information

The following links can be used to view articles showing how to perform different User Management functions: