Often, Software Testers have requirements to install GenRocket Runtime on a Testing Automation Server so that it can run Test Data Generation Scenarios. We call this type of server a Named Server.

Any Named Server executing GenRocket Scenarios to generate synthetic test data must be registered in the GenRocket system. 

When software tests are run on an automation server and call GenRocket Scenarios to generate synthetic test data, a check is made to validate the Named Server.

We use the term Named Server because Test Automation Servers are sometimes changed, so the Named Server can be reassigned to a new Test Automation Server.  

In This Article

Who Can Add a Named Server?

  • Only Organization Admins can add a new Named Server to the GenRocket Web platform.

When Should a Named Server be Added? 

  • Any time a Server will be used to execute GenRocket Scenarios.


How to Add a New Named Server?

  • Expand the Organization Menu in the Menu Bar (contains the org name and user's first name). .

  • Select My Organization.

  • Select the Servers Tab and click New Server to create a new server.

  • Enter a unique name for the server.
  • Optionally, add a description and email address.
  • The Enabled option will automatically be checked to enable the server. 
  • Click Save once finished.

How to Use a Named Server

Once added, the Organization Admin can download the Server Profile so that the Server may be used to execute GenRocket Scenarios. A server can be enabled/disabled as needed by the Org Admin. 

Complete these steps to do so: 

  1. Go to the Project Dashboard
  2. From within the Resources pane, select the Server you want to download.

  3. Click to expand the Download menu and select the Server Profile (e.g., ServerProfile.grp).

  4. After downloading the Profile, go to the Server machine and place the profile into the <SERVER_HOME>/.genrocket folder.