XTS stands for Extract Table Schema. In this approach, GenRocket can retrieve one, many, or all table schemas from a given database by connecting directly to the database via JDBC to extract the database’s schema. The extracted schema is saved to an encrypted file. The encrypted file can then be imported into the GenRocket web application using XTS Wizard. 

Note: For more information about creating an XTS File, click here.

What is the XTS Import Wizard?

The XTS File Import Wizard is used to import an extracted application or database table schema into the GenRocket web platform to automatically create Domains with Attributes and Generators. 


How to Access the XTS Import Wizard

The XTS Wizard can be accessed in two ways: 

Method 1: 

  • Select a Project within the Project Dashboard.
  • Next, expand the Self Serve Options Menu for a Project Version and select XTS Wizard.


Method 2: 

  • Expand the New Domain drop-down menu and select Import from XTS.

How to Import an XTS File

  • Select the XTS Import Wizard.

  • Click on Choose File to browse to and select an XTS file.

  •  The file name will appear to the right of the Choose File button, as shown below:

  • (Optional) Enable the Enforce Type/Limit option to ensure Generator value limits are automatically enforced when importing an XTS File.

  • Click the Save button to finish.

  • Click OK.

  • The user will be returned to the Project Dashboard, where they will see a message showing an XTS Import has been initiated. 

  • The Project will be frozen until this process is completed.

  • Click the Close button once the import has finished. The user will be returned to XTS Wizard automatically.

  • Click the Mark Completed button for this step once finished.

  • Click Yes to confirm.

  • Once the file has been successfully imported and the wizard has been marked as completed, additional wizards will be available.

Next Steps

After a successful XTS Import, the Domain Referencing Wizard can be used to validate and set Parent-Child-Sibling Relationships between imported Domains. For more information, click here.