To log into the GenRocket web platform, each user must have a valid email address and password. However, sometimes, the user's organization email address and/or name cannot be used and stored within GenRocket. 

A generic email address for GenRocket using the organization domain can be used to resolve this issue. For example, an organization can set up a generic account similar to the following: 

  • Genrocket@yourdomain

Once this generic email address has been set up, each user can share the generic email address account. For example:

The number increases per user. Each user will log in with the appropriate shared email address using their unique password. This prevents users from having to use their organization's email address to log in. 

Step 1: Create the Generic Email Address with an Organization Domain

The generic email must be set up within the organization before setup can occur within the GenRocket web platform.

Step 2: Share Generic Email Address with GenRocket for User Setup

After the generic email has been created, it will need to be shared with GenRocket to set up the initial user account and all other current user accounts. 


Depending on what is permitted, the user name can be entered as the actual user's name or be generic, as shown below (Org User-1, Org User-2, Org-User-3, etc.).

Note: To learn how to add additional users to the web platform, click here