Even though GenRocket is designed to run on a tester's or engineer's individual laptop or workstation, sometimes it is desirable to have users access GenRocket via a central application on a single computer.  

The GenRocket Multi-User Server (GMUS) allows many users to generate data via a central client application. The GMUS gives client applications the ability to let multiple users simultaneously run GenRocket Scenarios and generate synthetic data.  It manages user requests by launching multiple instances of the GenRocket runtime engine, via the GenRocket API, to run multiple GenRocket Scenarios simultaneously.  

The GMUS guards against Scenario collisions when two or more users request to run the same Scenario whose Scenario state is set to true.  

Note: GMUS is able to support Proxy Server.

GMUS Server Specifications

Please refer to the following article to learn more about GMUS Server Specifications: