Domain and Scenario Dashboard Navigation Update

Hi All,

Based on your feedback we have updated the navigation in the Domain and Scenario Dashboards.

Domain Dashboard Navigation Update

We heard you loud and clear that is was difficult to navigate back to the Domain Dashboard. To fix this, we added a header and link to the top of the the Domain Dashboard. To get back to the Domain Dashboard just click the link labelled Domain: [Name of your Domain]. 

Below is an example of how it looks with a Domain named User. 

On the Attribute and Receiver pages you can see which Domain you are working (which is also a link to the Domain Dashboard) and the name of your Attribute or Receiver. 

Scenario Dashboard Navigation Update

We made the same navigation improvement to the Scenario Dashboard. To get back to the Scenario dashboard just click the link labelled: Scenario: [name of your Scenario].

Improved Scenario Domain Labels 

We heard from a number of you that it was easy to confuse the Domain and Scenario Domain Dashboards. To fix this issue we make the header clearer when you are editing a Scenario Domain. Below you can see an example of the updated Scenario Domain Dashboard. 

Thanks for your feedback!  We have a number of other improvements in the works that we will tell you about in the coming weeks. 

Stephen Chisa

GenRocket | Product Manager 

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