PercentCalcGen, RangeCatRefGen, and RangeEndSetLoopGen

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We started the week with a brand new Receiver and we're ending the week with three new Generators! Let's take a closer look at each one: 

: This Generator calculates the percentage of the specified amount.

Example of use:
An example of when to use this generator is if you wanted to calculate the sales tax on a product. You have one Attribute for the price of the product and another Attribute for the sales tax. The sales tax Attribute has the the PercentCalcGen assigned to it. This Generator allows your to reference the price Attribute and calculate the the desired percentage.


  • Value: #{Price}

  • Percentage: 9

  • If the #{Price value} = 1, 10, 50, 100
  • 0.09
  • 0.9
  • 4.5
  • 9
RangeCatRefGen: Allows the use of setLoop for a finite range of referenced, concatenated values.

You want 3 products generated for each brand and you need the name of the product to be unique by concatenating the brandName-productName-endRange

  • startRange = 1

  • endRange = 3
delimiter = ‘-‘

  • setLoop = True

  • reference1 = #{} set at the Scenario level
reference2 = ‘Product'

  • Brand1-Product-1

  • Brand1-Product-2
  • Brand1-Product-3
  • Brand2-Product-1
  • Brand2-Product-2
  • Brand2-Product-3
RangeEndSetLoopGen: This Generator automatically calculates the endRange based on parent loopCounts. If the Domain has parents, the endRange is calculated by multiplying the parent loopCounts. If the Domain has no parents the endRange is set to its own loopCount.

  • Domain3 is a child of Domain2
  • Domain2 is a child of Domain 1
  • Domain2 has a loopCount of 5
  • Domain1 has a loopCount of 10 
  • Domain3 will have an endRange equal to startRange + 50 -1

Each of these Generators we're added by the request of GenRocket users. Do you have a Generator or Receiver you want added to GenRocket? Let us know on the Feature Request Forum or email us at


Stephen Chisa

GenRocket Product Manger

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