Three New Features: Project Filtering, Quick Scenario Creation, and Batch Scenario Download

Hi All,

We have three new features to increase your productivity in GenRocket. Let’s take a look:

Project Filtering

You now have the ability to filter the projects shown in the projects window. You can specify if you want to see your entire organizations projects, your projects, or a specific colleagues projects. Project ownership is based off of the original creator of the project.

Project Filter

Quick Scenario Creation

We just made it easier to create Scenarios. When you are in the Domain Dashboard for the Domain you want to create a Scenario for just click the “Quick Scenario” button. This wizard will automatically create a Scenario for you that will include Parent-Sibling relationships with referential integrity.

Quick Scenario Button

Batch Scenario Download

We sped up the process of downloading multiple Scenarios with the Batch Scenario Download feature. With this feature you can specify up to 15 Scenarios you want to download and GenRocket will create a zip file with those Scenarios in it. This makes it easier to download and manage multiple Scenarios at a time.

Batch Download Button


Do you have an idea for a GenRocket feature? Let us know on the Feature Request Forum or email us at


Stephen Chisa

GenRocket Product Manger

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