Organization, Project, and Scenario Variables


Hi All,

We have several powerful new features to announce this week. We will kick off today with a set of powerful new features for test data generation.

Organization, Project, and Scenario Variables.
We took the original Global Variables feature and amped it up with three different varieties. These new global variables will enable teams to generate more complex data and be more productive.

Organization Variables
Organization Variables allows for Global Variables to be shared across projects and project versions. This is ideal for teams working with multiple databases that need to maintain referential integrity across multiple projects. This feature is only enabled for GenRocket Enterprise users. 

To get started with Organization Variables, please take a look at the following help articles.

Project Variables
Project Version Variables are a copy of all the Domain Global Variables for a project version with specific values. For example, let's say we have a User Domain in our project and two Project Version Variable Sets. Each set will have its own values for all the three domain global variables (id, seed, and loopCount). This makes it easy for each tester to work with their own set of variables for each Scenario.

To get started with Project Version Variables, please take a look at the following help articles. 

Scenario Variables
Scenario Variables are variables you can create at the Scenario level. This allows you to create unique values for a specific Scenario. This makes it easy to quickly manage unique test cases.

To get started with Scenario Variables, please take a look at the following help articles.

Stay tuned!
All GenRocket users can use Project Variables and Scenario Variables. Only Enterprise users can use the Organization Variable features. 
These features are based on our user's feedback -- if you have a feature request, please let us know. 

Stay tuned for more exciting feature announcements, this week!

GenRocket PM

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