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Packaged Proof of Concepts

Hi All,

We have heard from several GenRocket partners that they wanted a streamlined way to demonstrate GenRocket's capabilities to their clients. In order to support our partners in this way we have created a new section of the helpdesk called Proof of Concepts.

We have created a packaged POC called 
Synthetic Data Replacement that allows partners to demonstrate the following:

  1. Import three tables into GenRocket Web via a data definition language (DDL) file  
  2. Model your data requirements and output formats in GenRocket Web 
  3. Generate test data that maintains referential integrity even though the tables do not have a direct foreign key relationship
  4. Populate two MySQL databases from scratch via JDBC
  5. Replace columns of sensitive data with synthetic data that maintains referential integrity via JDBC

The above POC covers a large portion of GenRocket functionality but we know your clients may have different requirements that need to be demonstrated as well. We are currently planning to create more packaged proof of concepts (POC) like the one listed above that show different functionality. Do you have specific feature you would like demonstrated in the next packaged POC? Let us know here in this form or email us at 

Thank you,
Stephen Chisa
GenRocket | Product Manager 

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