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Single Sign-On (SSO) login

We are excited to introduce Single Sign-On (SSO) as an option to all new and existing GenRocket Customers. SSO Reduce compliance and security risks for organizations by giving businesses control over user authentication and user revocation via corporate mandated tools.


SSO lets users access GenRocket with your existing organization's authentication method. You can validate usernames and passwords against your corporate user database or other client apps rather than GenRocket managing separate passwords for each resource.


GenRocket supports single sign-on to authenticate Users using Secure Assertion Markup Language (SAML). SAML lets users log in after successfully authenticating against your SAML identity provider.


Benefits of SSO

Implementing SSO brings several advantages to your organization.


User Benefits

  • Convenience — Users no longer have to struggle with multiple passwords and remembering which one is for which account

  • Productivity — If available apps are easier to access, they will be used more effectively

Security Benefits

  • Reducing Risk — Having only one access point minimizes the likelihood of employees using simple or easy-to-crack passwords

  • Compliance — Terms of service agreements are initiated and stored to comply with your organization rules and policies. 

Admin Benefits

  • User Management — Organization Admins can easily create, delete, or edit accounts. A single login reduces the number of authentication problems.


Getting Started


If SSO sounds like a great fit for your Organization, send us an email at to have SSO access added to your account and our support team will work with you to implement this solution. 

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