Comparing Real vs Synthetic Test Data

You may have noticed some recent updates to the GenRocket home page. We have a new message for the marketplace that we feel is important to communicate broadly.

“It’s time to think differently about test data…”

Traditional thinking about test data has people in data assurance assuming this about the nature of test data:

  • Production data simply has to be better than synthetic data, because it’s real data
  • A TDM system is required to manage large volumes of stored test datasets
  • Data masking is the only way to protect the privacy of sensitive customer data
  • Provisioning large volumes of test data can take days, weeks, or even longer

GenRocket’s real-time synthetic test data generation changes the traditional way of thinking because GenRocket synthetic test data is simply better than production data. Now that’s really thinking differently about test data. However, changing conventional wisdom can be difficult and is often met with skepticism.

So we developed 6 essential test data criteria that we believe are critically important for comparing the value of real production test data with real-time synthetic test data. These 6 criteria provide an objective way for anyone to understand the important factors of speed, cost, quality, security, simplicity and versatility as they relate to provisioning test data.

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