Know more about these Generators: CenturyDateFormatGen, CompareListGen, CompareNumberGen, and ConcatNumberGen

Hi All,

We just released a how to use documentation about these 4 Generators that are available to all GenRocket Users. Click the links below to see more about these Generators.

  • CenturyDateFormatGen - Reformats a date from a reference date Attribute into a Century formatted date.
  • CompareListGen - Returns ‘true’ or ‘false’ depending on whether a referenced attribute value is contained in a given list
  • CompareNumberGen - Compares two numbers using [EQ, NE, LT, LTE, GT or GTE] and returns a Boolean result.
  • ConcatNumberGen - Allows the concatenation of elements based on resetNumber value, separated by a delimiter, to generate an accumulated data.

We have some more updates coming soon — stay tuned! 



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