EmployerIDGen & FixedFileReceiver

Hi All,

We just shipped a new Generator and a new Receiver. Here are the details:

EmployerIDGen: This Generator generates employer IDs with all campus codes or by selecting one campus codes based on the following list:
  1. Andover
  2. Atlanta
  3. Austin
  4. Brookhaven
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Fresno
  7. Kansas City
  8. Memphis
  9. Ogden
  10. Philadelphia
  11. Internet
  12. SBA 

You can learn more about Employer IDs in this Wikipedia Article.

FixedFileReceiver: This Receiver writes Domain Attribute values in a fixed format to a file. This Receiver reads from an XML definition file that contains the name length of each Attribute whose values will be written to the file. The order of the definitions determines the fixed position and maximum length of the echoed value. Here's an example definition and the required XML format:

FixedFileReceiver Definition:

    <fieldDefinition name="firstName" length="15"/>
     <fieldDefinition name="lastName" length="15"/>
    <fieldDefinition name="middleInitial" length="1"/>


FixedFileReceiver Output:

Hyun    Denis  Q 

Adell    Kavan  R 

Shara   Ferry   K

This Generator and Receiveer were both requested by GenRocket customers. New Receivers and Generators are added for no extra cost for existing customers. We also create new Receivers and Generators with the understanding that your company will become a GenRocket customer after they are implemented.

Have a Generator or Receiver you want added to GenRocket? Let us know on the Feature Request Forum or email us at support@genrocket.com.


Stephen Chisa

GenRocket Product Manger

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